How It Works

Fabric is what makes your suit or shirt, it is the heart and soul of the garment. Begin by browsing through our fabric collection and choose whichever fabric you like. We stock fabrics from all famous brand names. You can choose the fabric by brand name, color, pattern, price range and occasion. For our client’s to keep their wardrobe in trend with the latest look and feel, we stock the latest and the best fashion from around the globe.

Our expertise in offering you the perfect garment is defined by a very meticulous approach and dedicated efforts.Whether it is a Suit or a Shirt, you have the complete freedom to choose each and every detail of your garment. You choose the fit, style, buttons, lapels, collar,cuffs, literally everything. Experience the new level in custom clothing. Choose the styles of you prefer.

We give you complete freedom here too. Either get measured by someone with the help of our measurement guide and enter the measurements on our site or send us any of the garment that’s fit’s you the way you like. We will cut the new garment exactly like your favorite one. Our measurement guide explains you step by step method to take your measurements. All you need is a measure-tape and a person to help you take measurements.
Take body Measurements
Follow our online measurement taking guide and input all the measurements accordingly. We will use these measurements to craft your garment.
Suit, Shirt, Trouser or Jacket
Like any of your Suit, Shirt, Trouser or Jacket? You think it fit’s you like a glove? Send it over to us and we will create the new garment exactly like it.